23 Nov / 2020

Place ginger biscuits into MIXTEC Professional Blender and pulse until you get crumb mixture, place to one side in a bowl.

In the clean 2 litre jug, place in order: the milk, cream, frozen strawberries, cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice. Secure lid and set to speed setting 1, turn on the blender and increase speed to high, using the tamper tool to push ingredients into the blade (if the blade becomes jammed, stop the blender and unplug. Release the food using a spoon or spatula, remove spoon, secure lid and restart the machine).

In total, do not blend for more than 30-60 seconds or until the mixture becomes smooth. Take individual sundae glasses and place a layer of the biscuits, followed by a layer of cream mixture, followed by a layer of strawberry coulis; repeat until the glasses are full, add the whipped cream and fresh fruit garnish, serve immediately.