Blender Buying Guide

  • If you are looking for easy to store blender at home, You may try...
  • If you are looking for high power professional blenders, check out our commercial blenders
  • Tired of memorizing all the settings for every recipe?
    Don’t worry, Mixtec does that for you!
  • Can’t stand for loud noise? A sound enclosure is what you are looking for


Why does Mixtec blenders not have 3 peak horsepower (HP) motor like others on the market?
Nowadays, a lot of blender brands tend to boast how much HP their blenders have to attract people’s attention. On the contrary, excessive motor HP leads to excessive electric currents which might cause appliances overheated. That’s the reason Mixtec lists only the precise working outputs instead of peak HP for consumers.
How long can a Mixtec motor last?
Our made in America durable motors have been tested hours and hours in our lab. As the result, our motors are guaranteed to work over 350 hours.
Can we make hot soup in a Mixtec blender?
Yes, with Mixtec durable motors, you can make hot soap in every Mixtec blender.
Can Mixtec blenders grind grains?
Yes, our stainless air craft grade blade can grind grains or nuts in seconds.
Why my Mixtec blender doesn’t come with a tamper?
Some of our models equipped with our special designed jar create ideal vertex that allows you to blend without using a tamper.
Are Mixtec products certified?
Product safety is essential to Mixtec. All of our products have been certified before launched. The below is the list of our product certifications.